Welcome to our products page. Products are listed by type. For further examples please visit our archive page. 



The examples here are all varieties of late medieval 15th and 16th century cupboards and aumbrys. One of my favourite things.

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Shown here are various small boxes, writing boxes and larger chests from viking era to 17th century. We use handmade or reworked ironmongery and hinges on our chests.


We make a wide variety of tables from simple worktables to large carved dining tables to carved Roman side tables.


From armchairs to settles, from 3 legged stools to campaign chairs.

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From a crib to a campaign bed to a four poster and tester. Medieval roman and modern. 

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Made from fresh sawn oak our garden furniture weathers to a silver grey. The arch bench is our signature garden piece.

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We do all sorts of joinery work here are a few examples. We mostly stick to heritage work.

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One of our specialities is traditional timber framing. In the the past this was mostly for garden structures. I recently did a large timber frame as a teaching project. I’m happy to build frames so long as there is labour available for the erection and especially for teaching or heritage community projects.  I don’t want to do big installations with all the roofing and cladding.

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A few more unusual items are included here. Handcarts are popular. We have done several easels, writing slopes and music stands over the years.


Small household items

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